Maria Luisa Gnoato

L'esempio di Hanumān nella novellistica indiana

One of the most famous personalities in the Rāmāyaņa is Hanumān, god of the people, manifestation of the power of life itself; he can be considered the embodiment of the divine energy of Rāma and may be constituted with him as a single being in the past. Hanumān is always beside Rāma, and due to his many gifts, has always been an object of mystical adoration, and is still, to this day, worshipped in the villages. Hanumān has had a particular influence on Indian Literature and above all on tales. He may be considered the most authoritative exemple of the assistant with magic powers to the hero. Thus Hanumān is a fundamental personality in the creation of fables and stories. The character and actions of Hanumān is reflected in the world of the tales, expressing trust, empathy and rendering every situation with inextinguishable vitality. Hanumān indicates to every living being the possibility of overcoming every obstacle placing in its own heart the abode of the divinity.