Fee-Alexandra Haase

Methods for Speech Contact Analysis: The Case of the ‘Ubiquity of Rhetoric’. Proofing Conceptual Consistency of Speech as Linguistic Macro-Setting

In this article we will apply a method of proof for conceptual consistency in a long historical range taking the example of rhetoric and persuasion. We will analyze the evidentially present linguistic features of this concept within three linguistic areas: The Indo-European languages, the Semitic languages, and the Afro-Asiatic languages. We have chosen the case of the concept ‘rhetoric’ / ’persuasion’ as paradigm for this study. With the phenomenon of ‘linguistic dispersion’ we can explain the development of language as undirected, but with linguistic consistency across the borders of language families. We will proof that the Semitic and Indo-European languages are related. As a consequence, the strict differentiation between the Semitic and the Indo-European language families is outdated following the research positions of Starostin. In contrast to this, we will propose a theory of cultural exchange between the two language families.