Style sheet


Contributions may be written in Italian, English, French, German, Russian or Spanish. In any case, the text should be preceded by a short abstract written both in Italian and in English, and by a CV of the author written in Italian or in English.


Papers submission

Authors are required to submit an electronic version of their papers converted into RTF format, either on a floppy disk or as an e-mail attachment. The editorial address is:


          Studi Linguistici e Filologici On-line - Segreteria di redazione
          Dipartimento di Linguistica 
          via S. Maria 36 -  56126 Pisa

Graphics and typographical criteria

The papers will be published as PDF files. They should be submitted in Times New Roman 12 with page margins of 5,5 cm for top and bottom, and 4,5 cm for right and left.

The papers’ body paragraphs should be justified with 1.5 line spacing and a first line indent (1 cm).

The title, written in small caps, size 14, should precede the author’s name, also in small caps but in a smaller size (Times New Roman 12). Both the title and the author’s name should be left-aligned.

Word forms should be italicised, while glosses should be given in single quotation marks (e.g.: lat. imperator ‘leader’). Quotations should be given in double quotation marks.

The author's name, followed by possible academic affiliation and e-mail address, should be repeated, right-aligned, at the end of the text, immediately before the bibliographical references. No special requirements are set for the bibliographical references, which should anyway be consistent throughout the whole paper. 

Annotations can be inserted as footnotes.

For any problem concerning the text format (special fonts, tables or images) please contact the editorial staff at the following addresses: 

Serena Carlini –
Jacopo Garzonio –
Sandra Gracci –
Gabriele Lenzi –

No editing will be made to the papers by the editorial staff, so that the authors should take particular care to avoid misprints or mistakes of any kind in the submitted papers.


Patrizia Di Ninno 2003