About the journal


Studi Linguistici e Filologici On-Line is the on-line journal of the Department of Linguistics of the University of Pisa. It was founded in February 2003 in order to be a reference point for the linguistic school of Pisa and a presentation place for original studies at an international level. The main goal is in fact the creation of a scientific community, where the intellectual exchange may be as wide and advantageous as possible, especially through the on-line diffusion of the journal. For this purpose, Studi Linguistici e Filologici On-Line gives authors a complete freedom in the choice of subjects, with the exclusion of no theoretical school of reference. Works concerning historical and Indo-European studies and synchronical linguistics, both descriptive and theoretic, are all welcome. Contributions of scholars working in the field of applied, experimental, acquisitional linguistics and of glottodidactics may also be sent.

In order to ensure the quality of articles, they will be submitted to at least two members of the Scientific Committee (represented by the teaching staff of the Department) and, if necessary, to external referees.

Patrizia Di Ninno 2003