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General information

Ravenna is located on the Adriatic coast about 100 km south of Venice (see the map ). The city can be reached by train from Bologna or Rimini. Flights from the USA, Israel and other continents fly only into Rome, Fiumicino airport, and Milan, Malpensa airport. From these cities it is possible to reach Bologna both by aircraft and by train; once in Bologna it is necessary to change train in order to get to Ravenna (e.g. Milan-Ravenna, change train in the Bologna train station). 

Several European airlines fly from the cities of Frankfurt, Paris or Munich to Bologna. Some lowcoast airline companies fly from European cities to Rimini (about 70 km from Ravenna) and Forlì (about 30 km from Ravenna). From Rimini it is possible to get to Ravenna by train. From Forlì it is possible to get to Ravenna by bus only (about 45 minutes).

Note : The train ticket from Bologna or Rimini to Ravenna can only be purchased at the train station (there is no electronic ticket).

For the train schedule information see this link ( ).


Fondazione Flaminia, sponsors and co-organizer of conferences and workshops in Ravenna, has an agreement with the hotels listed below, that will be apply for declaring the partecipation in the Congress of  EAJS

To get the discount you have to communicate to the hotel that you partecipate at the congress “JUDAISM IN THE MEDITERRANEAN CONTEXT" organized by Fondazione Flaminia




You can order your flight ticket directly from the travel agency "La Classense in Ravenna". Please contact Mrs. Annamaria who also takes care of hotel accomodations:

La Classense Agenzia Viaggi
tel. +39.0544.33347
fax. +39.0544.31389

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