Basilica Sant'Apollinare in Classe

Exhibition of Judaica for the EAJS Ravenna 2010 Congress.

 During the EAJS Congress 2010 in Ravenna, an Exhibition of Judaica will be set up at the Biblioteca Classense. The participants to the Congress will be able to visit some Hebrew manuscripts held in this Library, including some fragments of Medieval Hebrew manuscripts in parchment, reused to bind books, which were found in the city. Among them are a bifolio which is the most ancient extant handwritten witness of Midrash Tanhuma; two cylindrical pillars coming from the Jewish cemetery in Ravenna dating to the year 1500; the unique extant fragments of Joseph Kara’s commentary to the Psalms and to the Torah, found in the State Archive section of Imola (if possible); some Hebrew incunabula, and several printed editions of the 16th century; a broken neck of an amphora of Palestinian production dating back to 5th century with the inscription Shalo[m], which probably served to bring kosher wine from Israel to Ravenna.