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Storia mediovale, prima eta` moderna



Scholarly Writing

A. Doctoral Dissertation

The De Iudaeis et Aliis Infidelibus of Marquardus de Susannis, Columbia University 1971; Advisors: Gerson D. Cohen, John Mundy, Robert Somerville

B. Books (Authored and Edited) and Articles


1. Theater of Acculturation: The Roman Ghetto in the Sixteenth Century, University of Washington Press, Seattle, 2000, 260 pages.

2. The Jews in Rome, vols. 1 and 2. Brill, Leiden, 1995, 1997. 411 pages and 540 pages.

3. Alienated Minority: The Jews of Medieval Latin Europe. Harvard, Cambridge, 1992. 346 pages (revised paperback version, 1994), (Hebrew version, Mercaz Zalman Shazar, Jerusalem, 1997)

4. Solomon Grayzel: The Church and the Jews in the Thirteenth Century, Volume II, edited and arranged, with additional notes, by K.R. Stow. Jewish Theological Seminary, New York - Wayne State University Press, 1989, 357 pages.

5. The 1007 Anonymous and Papal Sovereignty: Jewish Perceptions of the Papacy and Papal Policy in the Middle Ages. Hebrew Union College Annual Supplements, no. 4. Cincinnati, 1984. 91 pages

6. Taxation, Community and State: The Jews and the Fiscal Foundations of the Early Modern Papal State. Vol. 19 of Paepste und Papsttum, ed. G. Denzler. Stuttgart, 1982. 192 pages.

7. Catholic Thought and Papal Jewry Policy, 1555-1593. New York, 1977, 411pages.


8. Jewish History: A Journal of Jewish Historical Studies,  Haifa University Press & E.J. Brill, Leiden; now, University Press of New England Vols. I-XII, June, 1986-December, 1998. Vol. XIII, University of Haifa Press, 1999. Vol. XIV–Kluwer Academic Publications, Holland

9. Rassegna Mensile di Israel January, 1993, Guest editor (with Anna Foa and Miriam Silvera) Oltre il1492

Articles and Chapters in Books

(In press:)

10. "Conversion, Apostasy, and Apprehensiveness: Emicho of Flonheim and the Fear of Jews in the Twelfth Century," Speculum, 2001 (forthcoming)

11. "Church and Reality: Historical Approaches to the Medieval Church and the Jews in the Light of the Shoah." Proceedings of a Conference at Yad VaShem, The Shoah in History, January, 1999. Ed. Y. Bauer, Jerusalem, 2000.

12. Papal Mendicants or Mendicant Popes: Continuity and Change in Papal policies toward the Jews at the end of the Fifteenth Century" The Friars and the Jews in the Middle Ages and the  Renaissance. ed. S. McMichael and L. Simon, Leiden, 2000.

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C. Reviews

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D. Semi-Scholarly Books and Articles

75. The Jews, A Mediterranean Culture. Bari, Schena, for the Community of Mediterranean Universities, 1994, 151 pages.

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E. Interview

84. "Storici e Storia degli Ebrei: Intervista a Kenneth Stow" by Anna Foa, in Rassegna Mensile d'Israele, 58 (1987), pp. 217-227.

F. Organizer of an International Conference

The Jewish Community: Historical and Cultural Perspectives. University of Haifa, Jan. 3-6, 2000

G. Work in Progress

"Layered History: The Roman Ghetto from the Inside," an attempt historiographically to enter into the feelings of historical protagonists without violating historiographical rules, yet avoiding fiction. This project begins where the many articles, the book, and the publication of texts leaves off.

G. Courses Taught

1. Minority in an Alien World: Introduction to Jewish History in the Middle Ages (Lecture)

2. The Jews in the Modern World (Lecture)

3. Church, State and Jews: St. Paul to Paul IV (Seminar)

4. Verging on Modernity: Jewish Life in the Renaissance and Reformation  (Seminar)

5. Writing and Consciousness: Medieval and Renaissance Jewish Expressions of Awareness (Graduate Seminar)

6. The Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Family (Graduate Seminar)

7. The Historian's Craft (Graduate Methods Seminar)

Note: These courses reflect my membership in departments of Jewish History. In a broader Jewish Studies setting, the course would significantly diversify, as well as they would take on a multicultural perspective. There would be no problem offering a course Introduction to Judaism and Jewish History. Needless to add, issues of gender relations, though they do not appear in the course titles above, are prominently discussed.






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