John F.A. Sawyer

Emeritus Professor of Biblical and Jewish Studies, Lancaster University, UK.

Dipartimento di Linguistica, Università di Firenze.





Biblical Hebrew, Semantics in Biblical Research, Reception History, Isaiah.



Authored Books

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Edited Books

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In press

2003 "Isaiah and Zionism" in Memorial Volume for Robert Carroll, edd. P.R.Davies (Sheffield Academic Press)

- "Isaiah and the Jews. Some Reflections on the Church’s Use of the Bible" in David Clines Festschrift, edd. C.Exum & H.Williamson (Sheffield Academic Press)

In Preparation

2003 ed., Sacred Texts and Sacred Meanings. Essays in Hebrew and Biblical Interpretation (Sheffield Academic Press): 110,000 word collection of my own articles, most of them previously published, some in obscure journals or Festschrifts

2003 Concise Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation (Westminster/John Knox, Kentucky): 150,000 words, 500-600 articles

2001- with C.C.Rowland (Oxford) & J.Kovacs (University of Virginia) edd., Blackwell Bible Commentary Series, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford

2003 Isaiah, volume in the Blackwell Bible Commentary Series (see above)

2003 ed., Blackwell Companion to the Bible and Culture (Blackwell, Oxford).






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