Soci                                         Curriculum Vitae

Marina Rustow

Assistant Professor

Department of History and Institute of Jewish Studies, Emory University



Department of History, Emory University,

561 Kilgo Circle, Atlanta,

GA 30322 USA

Tel.: +1.404.727.6354

e-mail : mrustow@emory.ed



Jewish history; medieval Near Eastern and Mediterranean history; heresy and methods of exclusion; religious conversion; chanceries, courts, and government administration in medieval Iraq, Egypt, and Sicily; medieval Jewish courtiers; documentary sources in Arabic, Judeo-Arabic, and Hebrew, especially letters, petitions and decrees; archives, genizot, and the afterlives of documents.




Heresy and the Politics of Community: The Jews of the Fatimid Caliphate. Conjunctions of Religion and Power in the Medieval Past. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 2008
Patronage and Politics: Islamic Empire and the Medieval Jewish Community. In process; expected submission August 2010


Edited volumes:

Jewish Studies at the Crossroads of History and Anthropology: Tradition, Authority, Diaspora, co-editor with Ra‘anan Boustan and Oren Kosansky. University of Pennsylvania Press (Jewish Culture and Contexts), under review

The Cambridge History of Judaism, volumes 5 and 6: The Medieval Era, co-editor with Robert Chazan. Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Histories). In process; expected submission August 2010


Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

“A Petition to a Woman at the Fatimid Court.” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, forthcoming       

“At the Limits of Communal Autonomy: Jewish Bids for Government Interference.” Mamlūk Studies Review, special issue: Religion and Religious Culture of Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Mamluk Period, edited by Johannes Pahlitzsch, forthcoming

“Literacy, Orality, and Book Culture among Medieval Jews.” Jewish Quarterly Review, forthcoming      

“Formal and Informal Patronage in the Islamic East: Geniza Evidence.” Al-Qanṭara: Revista de Estudios Árabes 29 (2008): 81–122 (special issue: Patronage in the Medieval Islamic World, edited by María Esperanza Alfonso), in press

“Karaites Real and Imagined: Three Cases of Jewish Heresy.” Past and Present 197 (2007): 35–74.

“Karaites at the Rabbinical Court: A Legal Deed from Mahdiyya Dated 1073.” Co-author: Benjamin Hary. Ginzei Qedem: Geniza Research Annual 2 (2006): 9–36.


Articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings:

“Fatimid Decrees and Jewish Communal Politics.” In María Ángeles Gallego (ed.), Reason and Faith in Medieval Judaism and Islam, Commentaria. Leiden: Brill, forthcoming  

“Benefaction (ni‘ma), Gratitude (shukr), and the Politics of Giving and Receiving in Letters from the Cairo Geniza.” In Miriam Frenkel and Yaacov Lev (eds.), Giving in Monotheistic Religions, Studien zur Geschichte und Kultur des islamischen Orients. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, forthcoming     

“Laity vs. Leadership in Eleventh-Century Jerusalem: Karaites, Rabbanites, and the Affair of the Ban on the Mount of Olives.”  In Daniel Frank and Matt Goldish (eds.), Rabbinic Culture and Its Critics: Jewish Authority and Dissent in Medieval and Early Modern Times. 195–248. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 2008.


Peer-reviewed book chapters:

“A Record of Obligation (dhikr ḥaqq) Dated 242 AH (856–857).” In Werner Diem, Geoffrey Khan, and Petra Sijpesteijn (eds.), Arabische Urkunden, Corpus Papyrorum Raineri. Berlin: Walter De Gruyter, under review  

“Judaism and Tradition: Continuity, Change and Innovation.” Co-authored with Albert I. Baumgarten. In Ra‘anan Boustan, Oren Kosansky, and Marina Rustow (eds.), Jewish Studies at the Crossroads of History and Anthropology: Tradition, Authority, Diaspora. Jewish Culture and Contexts. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Submitted June 2008, under review


Encyclopedia articles:

The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed. Robert E. Bjork (Oxford University Press, forthcoming). “Eviatar ha-Kohen ben Elijah,” “Literacy, Jewish (female and male),” “Nagid,” “Poverty, and Jewish care for.”

The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World, ed. Norman Stillman (Brill, in process). Major surveys: “History of the Jews of Iraq, medieval to 1500,” “Gaon and gaonate,” “Yeshivot of Babylonia/Iraq,” “History of the Jews of Syria, medieval.” Shorter entries: “Haver (Fellow of the Palestinian Yeshivah),” “Ibn al-Dastur, Samuel b. Ali,” “Ibn al-Qazzaz, Manasseh b. Ibrahim,” “Isaac ben Samuel ha-Sefaradi,” “Joseph ben Phinehas,” “Mevorakh ben Saadya,” “Moses ben Mevorakh,” “Moses (Mesharisha) Kahana ben Jacob Gaon,” “Mubashshir ben Nissi ha-Levi,” “Nethanel ben Isaiah,” “Rosh ha-seder,” “Saadya ben Judah,” “Said ben Hasan (al-Ruzbihan),” “Sahlan b. Abraham,” “Samuel b. Daniel b. Azariah,” “Samuel ben David” “Samuel ben Hoshana,” “Sar Sahlom ben Boaz,” “Sar Shalom ben Moses ha-Levi,” “Semah Sedeq ben Isaac,” “Shemaryah ben Elhanan,” “Solomon ben Judah,” “Tahirti, Abu 'l-Khayr,” “Tahirti, Abu Ibrahim,” “Tustari, Abu Mansur,” “Tustari, Abu Nasr,” “Tustari, Abu Said” (total 19,500 words).

Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought, eds. G. Böwering, P. Crone, W. al-Qadi, D. Stewart, and M. Q. Zaman (Princeton University Press, in process). “Intercession,” “Loyalty” (total 1,200 words).

The Cambridge Dictionary of Jewish Religion, History, and Culture, ed. Judith Baskin (Cambridge University Press, in process). “Egypt, from the Islamic Period on” (500 words). 


Public scholarship and non–peer reviewed writings:

“Chancery Deeds.” Genizah Fragments (Cambridge University Library) 56 (2008): 2–3

Preface to Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi, “Servants of Kings and not Servants of Servants”: Some Aspects of the Political History of the Jews. Tenenbaum Family Lecture Series in Judaic Studies at Emory University. Atlanta: Emory University, 2007

Scripture and Schism: Samaritan and Karaite Treasures from the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary. Exhibition catalogue, with the participation of Elka Deitsch and Sharon Lieberman Mintz. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 2000