Space in Language
(Pisa, October 8-10 2009)


Space and its encoding inside languages represent a classic topic in the domain of the complex interactions between language and cognition. In spite of the rich bibliography produced in the last years, this subject has yet to offer many suggestions for developing useful and innovative lines of research. The conference "Space in Language" is intended to focus on the present status of the research on this field.

A special purpose of the conference is to promote the activity of young researchers and PhD students. For this reason, young scholars (max 35 years old) are invited to send papers on the following topics:

  • Conceptual bases and cognitive aspects of spatial categories
  • Typological aspects of spatial categories (prepositions, motion verbs et al.)
  • Spatial categories and grammaticalisation processes
  • Lexicon and grammar of space
  • Spatial categories in L1 acquisition processes and L2 learning
  • Linguistic deficit and spatial categories
  • Encoding of spatial categories in Sign Languages
  • Neuro-cognitive evidence about the spatial categories representation
  • Reference and deixis in the space/spatiality
  • Space and discourse inside the text

Organizing Committee

Giovanna Marotta
Franco Fanciullo
Pietro Dini
Alessandro Lenci
Florida Nicolai
Roberto Peroni



Linda Meini
Francesco Rovai
Serena Danesi
Barbara McGillivray

Submission information

Authors are requested to send their abstracts by an e-mail message to with two copies attached (in pdf format); one of these should be anonymous and one should include author´s name, affiliation and email at the top of the page below the title.

Abstracts should be no shorter than 3000 characters and no longer than 5000 characters including references and examples (spaces included).

The official languages of the conference will be Italian and English.