Space in Language
(Pisa, October 8-10 2009)



Catalina Iricinschi
Space and language: Crossed-hands effects on language processing

Yinglin Ji, Henriette Hendriks, Maya Hickmann
Adults’ expression of voluntary and caused motion events in Chinese and in English

Linda Meini, Barbara McGillivray
Between semantics and syntax: spatial verbs and prepositions in Latin



Elías Gallardo
A spatial explanation for the use of the inchoative reflexive pronoun

Konstantina Garoufi, Alexander Koller
Controlling the spatio-visual context in situated natural language generation

Francesco Grande
The category of space in Arabic DP structure and its impact on DP word order

Alberto Manco
"Kant was a Newtonian" and "Kant 1768"

Anna Pompei
Space coding in verb-particle constructions and prefixed verbs