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Periodici accademici elettronici
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Elenco di periodici umanistici elettronici accessibili gratuitamente

Il pallino colorato a sinistra, indica l'ambito discipliare:
OXX Letteratura generale e comparata - Linguistica
XXO Germanistica
XXO Slavistica

^ Alan Review, The
^ Alvíssmál : Forschungen zur mittelalterlichen Kultur Skandinaviens
^ Amarillo Bay
^ Applied Semiotics/Sémiotique appliquée
^ Arobase : A Journal of Literatures and Humanities
^ Berlinische Monatsschrift
^ Blackwoods Edinburgh magazine
^ Cercles
^ CLCWeb : Comparative Literature and Culture : A WWWeb Journal
^ Collatio : revista semestral del Departamento de Estudios Árabes e Islámicos de la Universidad
^ Communications of COLIPS : An International Journal of Chinese and Oriental Languages Information Processing Society
^ CrossConnect (Xconnect)
^ Currents in Electronic Literacy
^ CWRL-Electronic Journal for Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature
^ De Proverbio: an Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies
^ Deutsch-Amerikanischer Almanach
^ Dichtung Digital
^ diss.sense
^ Druzba narodov
^ E-Mail-Infobrief Deutsch als Fremsprache
^ E-Mail-Infobrief Wirtschaftsdeutsch
^ Early America Review, The: a journal of fact and opinion on the people, issues and events of 18th century America
^ Early Modern Culture : an electronic seminar
^ Early Modern Literary Studies
^ Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies
^ Electronic Journal Literatur Primar
^ Erfurt Electronic Studies in English
^ Espéculo : Revista Electrónica Cuatrimestral de Estudios Literarios
^ Essay, Der : Forum für Kultur und Gesellschaft
^ Europa Dokumentaro
^ Ever Reader, The
^ Glasgow Review, The
^ HIN : Alexander von Humboldt im Netz
^ How2
^ Hypermedia Joyce Studies
^ ICAME Journal
^ Intercultural Communication
^ International Journal of Scottish Theatre (IJoST)
^ JAC Online: a journal of composition theory
^ Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie
^ Janus Head
^ Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies
^ Journal of Language and Computation (L & C)
^ Jouvert: a Journal of Postcolonial Studies
^ Lagniappe : poetry and poetics in review
^ Language Learning and Technology : a journal for second and foreign language educators
^ Lateral : A Journal of Textual and Critical Studies
^ Linguistik online
^ Literaturkritik.de : Rezensionsforum für Literatur und für Kulturwissenschaft
^ Looking Glass, The : New Perspectives on Children’s Books
^ Manuscript
^ Medieval Review, The (TMR)
^ Mega-Tchad
^ Meta
^ Milton Review
^ Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies
^ New York Review of Books, The
^ Onomasiology Online (OnOn)
^ Perspicuitas
^ Philologie im Netz. PhiN
^ PRE/TEXT: Electra(Lite)
^ Prolepsis : The Tübingen Review of English Studies
^ Recenseo: Texte zu Kunst und Philosophie
^ Renaissance Forum
^ Research in Germanic Studies
^ RhetNet : a cyberjournal for rhetoric and writing
^ ReSoundings
^ Road to East Asia : A journal on contemporary East Asian literature in English
^ Romantic Circles Praxis Series : RCPS [fr. Romantic Praxis : Theory and Criticism]
^ Romanticism On the Net
^ Sanal Turkoloji Arastirmalari Dergisi (S.T.A.D.)
^ Selecta
^ SIL Electronic Working Papers (SILEWP)
^ Slavic Review
^ Teaching English as a second or foreign language (TESL-EJ)
^ Toronto Computing in the Humanities Working Papers
^ Trans : Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften
^ Tympanum: A Study of Comparative Literary Studies
^ VERSTÄRKER. Von Strömungen, Spannungen und überschreibenden Bewegungen
^ Victorian Poetry (annate pregresse)
^ Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics (FCCL)
^ Web Journal of Modern Language Linguistics,The
^ Web of Time, The : Pages from the American Past
^ WEB-SLS The European Student Journal of Language and Speech
^ Women in Literature and Life Assembly, The
^ Wortlaut.de
^ Writers Online
^ Zeitschrift für Interkulturellen Fremdsprachenunterricht : Didaktik und Methodik im Bereich Deutsch als Fremdsprache